Andalusia is the most southern region of Spain and one of the most beautiful and unique. The Phoenicians have been here, the Greek, the Romans, it was occupied by the Moors for over six centuries before the katholic kings of Spain reconquered all of Spain . It is the birthplace of the flamenco and tapas. Today the region presents itself largely unspoiled and can be enjoyed by everyone with its large olive tree plantations, charming white villages, sandy beaches and intimate bathing creeks with crystal clear water, huge natural parks and its unique buildings , and first of all its inhabitants, the Andalusians. 


Southern Andalusia is a region with changing landscapes and a varying climate. Forests of pine change with dry and dusty plains, area with dunes and vigorous-green mountain scenery. The Winter climate is pleasant, the temperatures hardly drop below 12 – 15 degrees, frost is nearly unknown. A winter stay is obvious when the cold hits Northern Europe.

In Andalucia you can always find a nice sunny place to enjoy your lunch on the terrace. 


 The long period of Moorish occupation has left more traces in Andalusia than in any other region of Spain . The impacts from the Arabic culture can be seen in the architecture and the food. The Alhambra Palace in Granada and the mosque in Córdoba are marvellous examples of Arabic building art. Many recipes combine fish or meat with fruits and spices, which were introduced by the Moors as for example figs, pomegranate, lemon and oranges and melons. And still a delicious sweet desert follows every meal


Anybody with a little knowledge of golf knows that one can find numerous golf courses with international standard, Valderama just to mention one. Less people know that it also is possible to do alpine skiing in the Sierra Nevada , which has the main land’s highest mountains where the season starts in the beginning of December and ends in May. Relatively unknown also is the fact that there are excellent possibilities to windsurf or kite surf on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. 


 Avoid the overcrowded areas of the mass tourism and try a typical Andalusian white village, surrounded by Spanish life and charm or your own finca with a nice pool where you can relax and do things you do not find the time to do during the rest of the year.

Find your own holiday home at Andalucia Holidays


Most of the holiday homes of Andalucía Holidays you find at the very south of Spain in the area of the Axarquia east of Málaga, others you will find in the area Fuengirola/Marbella.

Most of our houses have nice views to the sea or the surrounding landscape, some are situated along a track that can be winding, steep and sometimes not quite easy 


 The easiest way to come is by plane to Málaga Airport . In most of our houses you will need a car hire, the easiest would be directly from the airport. The car hire will cost from app. 120 € a week including insurance and free km. Ask us, we gladly help you with the booking.We will provide you with a detailed map/description from the airport to your holiday home where someone is awaiting you to introduce you to the house. At the same time you will get a telephone number if anything happens. We shall take immediate actions. You cannot redo your holiday, we know that.

We do our best to make sure your holiday will become a success and you want to come back next summer.

The climate on the Costa del Sol  

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